Leanhart Plumbing Inc. is ready to assist you with any project or emergency. Our professional technicians come ready to handle any situation on the spot, saving you time and money.

At Leanhart Plumbing, our experience and the ability to offer customers a multitude of services with just one call makes us the best choice for achieving all your plumbing needs. We have earned a reputation as an efficient and professional organization with the ability and the desire to satisfy our customers’ needs. As Louisville plumbers who live where we work, we believe in quality with everything we do.

+ Residential

Faucets and Fixtures

Garbage Disposals

Clogged Drains & Sewer Stoppages

Camera inspection of sewer drain lines

Sinks and Toilets

Sump Pumps

Frozen Pipes

Shower and Bathtubs

Broken Pipes (Water, Sewer, Gas)

Gas House Line Installation

Water & Sewer Installation

General Plumbing Repairs

Louisville MSD Backflow Prevention Program

Water Heaters –


Electric, Gas, Propane




Thermo Couplers

Gas Valves

Burner Assemblies

Dip Tubes

Temperature /Pressure relief valves

Thermal Expansion Tanks

+ Commercial

Backflow Preventer- Installation & Testing

Drain cleaning, repair & replacement

Plumbing repairs and trouble shooting

2” grease traps

Dye test drain lines

Gas, Water & Sewer installation & repairs

Water Re-circulation Systems




5 Star Service